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Nutrifresh-D (30pk)

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Nutrifresh-D is a daily nutrition beverage formulated upon the principles of Nutritional Immunology. It is rich in soy protein, which is highly nutritious and easily absorbed by the body.

The glycemic index (GI) shows the various rates at which carbohydrates break down and release glucose (our body’s energy source) into the bloodstream. Knowing the GI of foods is useful for diabetics who need to control their blood glucose levels. Generally, the lower the GI, the better it is for diabetics.

Lowering the GI can lead to improved heart health and appetite control. Eating low GI foods that are slower to digest can help you feel satiated longer. Soy has a low GI of 18, which makes it suitable for those on low-sugar diets. It is also a good source of soluble fiber, a kind of carbohydrate that is only present in plant foods. Soluble fiber helps control blood sugar and decreases the rate at which the body absorbs sugar.

Research has shown that harvesting and processing methods can affect the GI of foods. Nutrifresh-D is made using unique harvesting and manufacturing processes that give it a low GI. Nutrifresh-D has no added fructose, making it an ideal beverage for those on low-sugar or special diets.

  • Manufactured by: E. Excel

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